Home Insurance

Buildings insurance is a legal requirement from your lender from when you exchange contracts.

At exchange you are legally responsible for the property whenever you are an individual or landlord.

When insuring your building you are as able to include contents insurance, legal protection and home emergency cover. This insurance covers the main structure of your home, garages and outbuildings for theft, weather damage, subsidence, vandalism, flooding and fire.


Life & Critical Illness

Taking a mortgage out on your property is probably one of the biggest debts you will ever take out. What would happen in the event that something went wrong, you became ill, and you were unable to maintain your mortgage payments? The mortgage lender could reprocess your property.

Insurance to provide you with piece of mind if you became ill or died needs careful consideration when you take a mortgage out. To protect you and your loved ones.

Future Finance will provide you with a budgeted recommendation to cover you, with access to a whole market panel of insurers we will tailor a policy to suit you and your budget.

Income Protection: What happens if you are too sick to work? ​

The state will pay a minimum amount under statutory sick pay which usually won’t cover you monthly outgoings. If you are self-employed, you’ll receive nothing in terms of state support. 

Income protection will pay up to 65% of your gross salary until you are able to return to work.  

You can choose how much you want to receive, to cover mortgage payments, household bills, food, and other general essentials to maintain your lifestyle while you are away from work. You can choose how long the policy will pay out for if you are unable to work to make it flexible to suit your needs.

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